2017 Ram 1500 for sale in Lawrence, KS

Introduction to the 2017 Ram 1500

The 2017 Ram 1500 aims for the heady heights of being a full-size light-duty truck that can do it all. It aims to please everyone and be as versatile as possible without falling down on any significant metric. Does it manage it? We think so.

The interesting thing about the 2017 Ram 1500 when considered against its competitors is its coil-spring rear suspension. The 2017 Ram 1500 is the…

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2017 Ram 2500 for Sale in Lawrence, KS


It is rare to find a heavy duty vehicle like the 2017 Ram 2500 that can dish out solid performance while also offering  a comfortable interior for long journeys. The 2017 Ram 2500 is a rare gem that is a genuine heavy duty pickup with impressive towing capacity. If you are used to the 1500 truck series, then the additional prowess and capabilities of the 2017 Ram 2500 are guaranteed to impress you.


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2017 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited for sale in Lawrence, KS

<p><span style="font-weight: 400;">The 4-door Wrangler Unlimited is full of welcome reminders of the brand&rsquo;s long heritage. This historic car has been serving customers (and the military) for decades and has become one of Jeep&rsquo;s top-selling vehicles. It is available in 4 different trims including the rock-and-roll Rubicon model, the Sport, the Sahara, and the Sport S. Wranglers present a perfect combination of traditional…
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2017 Dodge Journey for sale in Lawrence, KS

The 2017 Dodge Journey is a very affordable 3-row crossover. With the 2017 Dodge Journey, buyers get a full-size SUV packed with luxurious features without running their bank account dry. The base price of this old-school vehicle starts at $21,145. The Dodge Journey provides the best value to buyers thanks to its premium features, 3-row seating, and quality powertrain.

When powered with the V6 engine, the 2017 Dodge Journey eats miles effortlessly while…

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2017 Chrysler 300 for sale in Lawrence, KS

The 2017 Chrysler 300, now available for sale in Lawrence KS near Gardner, Olathe, and Topeka, is significantly more than a standard family sedan. It’s not just a car to take you on your day to day trips; it can be an extension of your life and bring new passion to your motoring.

The Chrysler 300 has a refined yet confident design, most clearly seen in its imposing grille and unapologetically strong dimensions…

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2017 Jeep Cherokee for Sale in Lawrence, KS

Jeeps are known for their off-road performance, but can a Jeep become your daily driver? The 2017 Jeep Cherokee has proven time and again that yes, they can. Its comfortable driving, great power, and appealing features have impressed many.

The unparalleled off-road abilities of the Cherokee paired with its comfortable drive make it one of the best crossover SUVs that you can find on the market. The Cherokee’s Trailhawk trim is particularly well designed…

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2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee for sale in Lawrence, KS

Despite there being a lot of SUVs on offer nowadays, it is difficult to find a legitimately off-road capable SUV at an affordable price. The exciting 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee is one of the merry few that perfectly meets this description.

Don’t dismiss the Grand Cherokee as an off-road only vehicle, either. The 2017 Grand Cherokee has a lot of other factors that make it an excellent all-round vehicle.
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